@blobyblo: Hope you like it with your heart. We made it with hard work. Epik High 8th Album ‘Shoebox’

@JAYBUMAOM: Congrats hyung!!! ㅋㅋ

@blobyblo: Jaebum-ah, thank you so much!!! ㅜㅜ

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genius. genius is what’s goin’ on in this head of mine— (‘he attempts to suppress an embarrassed laugh by pressing his lips together, teeth lightly biting against the inside of his cheeks, just before he clears his throat prior to talking once again;) foetus-nim is even worse—ahhh… stick to Zico, hyung. Zico. Jiho… I dunno, anythin’ but those ‘cause if that spills to the public… I ain’t ever gonna hear the end of it. I like my youth but not like…that type of youth!

genius? dayum, always so modest as I can see, Jiho! {a soft chuckle slides past his lips when he brings up his hand to slowly rub his left earlobe, mentally taking notes of each of your words which only causes him to shake his head as he presses his lips together, a poor attempt of his to suppress another laughter; spilin to the public like that compromising photo of you ‘n I? that nickname will sure kill your reputation but why caring? it’s adorable, just like you!

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(/slides in here with a wide grin on her lips, her head nodding up and down in approval before leaving without a word)

creepy Kyungri bein’ creepy again? {places his hands against your back, gently scouting you away with a chuckle muffled under his breath;



Ugly Duck’s face pls lol

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{‘same fact he came home a lot earlier than she was expecting him to made her smile widen uncontrollably, her eyes running around as if they couldn’t be happier at the sight} Yah! You don’t take away once given gifts. {‘she pointed out in a protesting manner, narrowing her eyes as she tried to side-eye him with once made serious expression but failed eventually after a brief moment, cracking a grin upon her lips once again; his strong arms wrapped around her waist felt just amazing at the moment, giving her this pleasant wave of warmth inside and shutting her eyes momentarily} I’ve missed you a lot, especially today! And I’m glad to hear you’re great, it’s exactly what I wanted to hear from you, love. Well, myself? I haven’t been up to much more than doing some paper work in my studio, playing around with Hella or just visiting the doctor… who’s coming right here, in fact, but it still counts. Today I woke up quite late but you know that, your very last text message woke me up completely and I even managed to reply your precious self. Besides that I just… Lied down, reading a book. Nothing too fancy, you know. Cleaning here and there. And since you’re not that tired and came home early you’re up to something, aren’t you? {‘she arched her brow, looking into his eyes suspiciously} 

{he couldn’t help but let a soft chuckle sliding past his lips. it wasn’t caused by her grumpy side or her poor attempt at side-eyeing him, whatsoever, but those reactions of hers as well as her voice or her simple laugh only reminded him how much he’s missed her; especially today? so I assume the other days you were just fine without me? damn, that hurts! {his expression went from an amused one to disappointment as he clunched his fist into the fabric of his shirt, a soft and long sigh filling the silence momentarily; don’t worry ‘bout that text message, it’s just a text and I was busy today anyway so couldn’t get to my phone until… well. a minute ago or so? I dunno. aaand, you know, you should calm down and let some houseworks for me. I mean, you’re pregnant, and despite being busy, I can get to it when I have a minute. you should focus on your sleep pattern instead of wandering here and there. {he angled his head as a first reply, a small yet amused smile upon his lips as he propped his chin into the palm of his hand; what I’m up to? instead of askin’ questions, you should drink your coffee before it gets colder. {and with this, he beckoned with his chin, a way of his to show the cup she was holding;

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Jay Park at Sookmyung Women’s University Festival [140926]

(By Fall_in_Jay)

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You're really great!

said by the greatest one, haha. thanks, anon, I appreciate it!


{‘hearing the key unlocking the door of their apartment,she lift her head just enough to see the door with a curiosity painted upon her face features. Seeing his muscular posture getting inside caused a huge grin growing on her lips - she missed him a lot - she got up to switch from laying to sitting position on the couch, welcoming him with a warm grin as he approaches her and eventually sits down. A sudden gift made her gasp quickly as she chuckled shortly} Oppa, you didn’t have toㅡ {‘she extended her arms just to put him into her embrace right after, as much as she could, rubbing his back momentarily} Thank you so much. {‘she tucked a hair strand behind her ear, placing the bag on the table, taking out the coffee and cookies} Aigo. How have you been, love?

{his first wish was to surprise her with his unexpected visit and just by the look she’s giving him, it was enough proof for him to strike this wish off his to-do-list. it’s been a while he wanted to come back home to spend at least the evening with her, and not only being greeted by a sleepy face; well, if you don’t want it, I can take it back and drink it myself. {right after wrapping his arms around her thin body, pulling her in a warm embrace, a comfortable and soft contact he missed a lot lately, he leans back against the arm of the couch with his legs crossed as he keeps his attention on her, his right hand scratching the soft flesh of his temple; surprisingly great. I’m not that tired, which is a good thing I guess. what have you been up to, lately? did something interesting today? 

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I hate that I take so long to reply. Like, everything distracts me. I can be in the middle of replying and look at my wall like. “Damn.. what kind of white is this? Is this a pale white? Off brand white?”

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You’re definitely not wrong— nothing had been more hectic than the month of October, lemme tell you. {‘she pursed her lips out} Work has been really busy, and its the sudden influx of customers that make my muscles ache. Every year its the same. {‘she then shrugs her shoulders with a smile} It is what it is, I suppose. What about you? Your life been hectic lately too? 

what have you done this month in particular? {his curiosity is clearly read over his face when he decides to angle it in one side, a soft smile spread across his rosy lips, soon followed by a quiet chuckle muffled under his breath; and there’s no vacation for you yet? damn, shake your fist in general direction, blackmail them! you deserve some cool time, girl. it used to be, now my days are slowly getting cooler and cooler. today was the last fansign I did, now I’m getting everything ready before going to USA with AOMG. we have to decide which songs will sing and what not, how we will perform and stuffs like that. it’s nothing too overwhelming but it still needs loads of work. 

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